“Leader’s Light!”

Form Your Own On-Site Training Seminar

STEM will customize, package, and bring the “Leader’s’ Light!” to your city and your location — it’s a your-needs-driven interactive training seminar designed to personally help your short-term mission leaders shine both here at home — and especially on the mission field.

We’ll organize from 2 hours up to 2 full days days of relevant, cutting-edge short-term (STM) mission training for your leaders. Plus, you’ve got the option to keep your “Leader’ Light!” training available to just your own leaders — or to open it up to other leaders from your community or region. 

Each 1-3 day “Leader’s Light!” seminar includes more than $400 of free, top-of-the-line short-term mission resources ($400 is based on 6 attendees — see below); this free, complimentary resource value increases to well more than $600 for ten attendees. And perhaps most important of all, we’ll use each resource during the seminar to help you extract maximum value from each book. These valuable resources are some of the first-rate tools available for:

  • STM risk-assessment and crisis management
  • STM leadership preparation
  • team member personal spiritual preparation
  • team member personal debriefing and re-entry back home
  • establishing partnerships with the field that actually work 

Here’s what comes with most “Leader’s Light!” training:

STEM Founder/CEO Roger Peterson will keynote your Seminar

Roger (see biowill prepare and present up to 6 or more customized sessions of large group / small group breakout training. He’ll prepare PowerPoint slides to illustrate each session, in addition to several pages of 8.5” x 11” notebook inserts/handouts. Other national speakers/presenters (including your own leaders) may share keynote sessions with Roger.

Best of all, you pick, you choose, you determine the specific topics you want addressed! And you pick the dates and location that works best for you!

Complimentary Resources

For Your Attendees: STEM Press will provide more than $60 worth of complimentary resources for each of your attendees — and better yet, Roger will use each of these books during training to help your leaders get the most out of these top-notch short-term mission resources:

  • Maximum Impact Short-Term Mission (Peterson/Aeschliman/Sneed), ISBN 0-9711258-1-3, $19.99
  • Before You Pack Your Bags: Prepare Your Heart (Cindy Judge), ISBN 0-9712-320-4-0, $7.95 (this is by far the #1-selling short-term mission resource in the U.S.)
  • Bringing It Home (Jim Mersereau), ISBN 978-0-9844423-4-8, $7.95
  • Building Strategic Relationships (Dan Rickett), ISBN 978-0-9711258-5-8, $9.95
  • Reentry Guide for Short-Term Mission Leaders (Lisa Chinn), ISBN 1-930547-14-5, $10.95 
  • Mission Maker Magazine, ISSN 1552-8405, $5.95

For Your Church or Organization: Plus … your church or organization will receive one complimentary copy of these two must-have risk management resources, which will also be used during training:

  • Short-Term Mission Crisis Planning and Policies (Crisis Consulting International), $9.95
  • Crisis and Urgent Event Management (Dana Bromley), $39.95

your next step

By all means, call 763-560-1616 or email us with your exploratory questions or to get started planning your own specialized “Leader’s Light!” training from STEM!

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