Speaking or Writing Requests

Thank you for prayerfully considering STEM Founder/CEO and author Roger Peterson to speak for your event or write for your publication. We count this potential opportunity an honor and a blessing!

Making Your Request

Please know we want to give your request serious consideration and prayer. To help us discern and steward our limited time and other resources, we kindly ask you call or email us with the following information (please answer these questions within the email form "question/comment/request" section):

  1. What are you requesting (specify Speaking or Writing, and as accurate — and brief! — a description as possible)
  2. Description: briefly describe any of the remaining pieces of information we might need, in order to make a timely and beneficial decision for you
  3. Decision Deadline: by what date do you need a firm “yes” or “no” answer to your request?
  4. Contact Information: make sure you’ve given us one or more of your: contact names, valid email addresses, and telephone numbers


STEM does provide a small amount of pro bono, complimentary speaking and writing. STEM also discounts our fees under some circumstances. But because we receive multiple requests every year for speaking and writing, the vast majority of requests need to be fully paid in order to be considered — thanks for understanding!

Roger Peterson, STEM Founder/CEO, is our primary speaker and writer.

  • STEM’s speaking fees for Roger are $450 for every 1/3 of a day, plus expenses. Extended times are package-discounted. 
  • STEM’s writing fees for Roger are normally contracted within the normal budget parameters of the given publication. STEM requires that author contracts offered to Roger must contain either an acceptable advance or an acceptable kill fee.

All fees, honorariums, and expenses should be made payable to “STEM.”

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