STEM Consulting / Training / Management


STEM takes very seriously the goodness, guidance, and grace the Lord has shown us since our beginning in 1984. We’ve learned from our mistakes along the way, and are eternally thankful that God taught us deeper truths and understandings as a result of everything He placed before us. That’s why we are willing to help other short-term mission colleagues and Christian colleagues in churches and other nonprofit organizations not to have to re-invent the wheel or make costly blunders (or worse).

STEM Consulting/Training provides our biblically anchored, experientially acquired knowledge and skill resources to better equip the church for maximized effectiveness in transformational short-term mission. We also provide on-site training and consulting to help churches and other organizations achieve higher levels of effectiveness in cross-cultural relationships, leadership, and organizational governance. 

STEM can help by offering your organization any one of 4 consulting service mechanisms:

  • by telephone, video Skype, or email
  • packaged-project consulting, whether short-term projects or longer-term retainer work (including on-site efforts coupled with off-site coaching/mentoring as needed) 
  • longer-term or ongoing contracted nonprofit administrative services 
  • the “Leaders’ Light!” 


STEM Founder/CEO Roger Peterson is our primary consultant (see Roger’s bio). Consulting fees are payable to “STEM NP Consulting/Management” (or simply “STEM Int’l”).



STEM’s consulting and training rates for medium- and large-sized organizations are determined on a project fee basis (not hourly), and are set forth in a formal proposal format after determining client objectives, measures of success, and value for the condition to be improved. Generally these projects fall into a 4-, 5-, and low 6-figure range.


STEM’s rates for churches, smaller nonprofits, and other smaller organizations are available at reduced rates.

One-Time Consult:

  • STEM’s fees for Roger are $100 for every 30 minutes of telephone, video skype, or email time (this option is reserved for specific one-time questions — not for on-going consulting arrangements).

On-Site at Your Location:

  • For projects involving on-site at your location: STEM’s fee for Roger is $1,500 for a full 15-hour day of consulting and/or training ($500 for every 1/3rd of a day), plus expenses; normal roundtrip travel time is generally billable at this same rate. STEM can discount consecutive on-site days, and can provide additional discount packages for longer-term or ongoing contracts with your organization. When a complete project is packaged, generally rates fall into a 4- or 5-figure range.
  • Telecommute Teaching/Training: Video skype teaching/training televised at your conference or meeting is $350 for up to 45 minutes. Multiple video skype sessions scheduled over the course of one or more days may qualify for a per session discount.
  • The “Leaders’ Light!” short-term mission on-site training qualifies for discounts for consecutive on-site days. Including travel and actual presentation/training time, rates are:

—1 full day: $1,350 plus $40/attendee, plus expenses (travel, housing, food)

—2 full days: $1,200 per day, plus $40/attendee, plus expenses

—3 full days: $1,050 per day, plus $40/attendee, plus expenses 

Consulting/TRAINING options may include: 

  • Christian Short-Term Missions (MISTM theory, transformation STM requisites, pre-field training, funding, leading, management/administration, re-entry/debriefing, follow-up/follow-through, healthy field partnerships, crisis and risk management, cultural awareness, ‘Christian Intelligence,’ STM alignment with overarching organizational purpose/mission, the 7 U.S. Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission, and much more).
  • Nonprofit Board Governance (retreats, board member training, primary fiduciary responsibilities, policy governance, conflict of interest/self-dealing training, primary sets of governance documents, generational transitions, establishing clear ends and mission and overall strategic objectives, cross-cultural training for effectiveness, etc.).
  • Strategic Planning (strategic planning model for your church or organization, including the imperative “theory of value creation”).
  • Administrative & Management Services (senior level leadership and management consulting, especially related directly or indirectly to cross-cultural or cross-denominational opportunities; and certain operational services).

Please call or email us with your questions; and kindly include a brief description of the problem or issue you think STEM might be able to address. Top Site Award!