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These Words Changed Everything

Subtitle: Startling News That Rebuilt a Maya Worldview

Author(s): David Aeilts (edited by Roger P. Peterson)

STEM Press Number: MR52

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Publisher: STEM Press

ISBN: 978-0-9711258-6-5

Description: The Chamulas of southern Mexico had little hope. Descendants of the once-proud Maya Indians, they were enslaved by Spanish conquistadors to build a great city and its cathedrals. Centuries later the majority Ladino population continued to discriminate against them.

Chamulas kept themselves poor and wretched by practicing witchcraft and ritual alcoholism within a system designed to keep any one man or woman from rising above the rest. To protect themselves, the tribe kept outsiders at arm’s length and violently guarded their traditions.

Fear was perhaps the greatest price Chamulas paid for the counterfeit comfort of tradition—fear of fellow Mayas and fear of gods who required unwavering obedience and sacrifice.

Then it happened. Chamulas finally met their own written language—written words in their own mother tongue. These startling words caused tens of thousands to abandon their allegiance to death and poverty. These words forged prosperous new lives and permeated communities with uncompromising hope. For the Chamula people, These Words Changed Everything.

••• “This book contains the thrilling story [about] God using Ken and Elaine Jacobs to bring His Written Word to tens of thousands of people living in southern Mexico. I met this godly couple more than 45 years ago but had no idea just how vast God’s plan was … You will love this exciting true story!”
Minister, Author, and Lead Co-author of the "Left Behind" Series

••• “The Chamula story belongs among the greatest of missions epics. If God can reach the Chamulas with the Good News of Jesus Christ, then God can reach any group of people. And God did!”
President — National Association of Evangelicals, Washington DC
Pastor — Wooddale Church, Eden Prairie MN

192-page paperback, plus 8 pages of color photos from Chamula.

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