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Building Strategic Relationships

Subtitle: A Practical Guide to Partnering with Non-Western Missions (3rd Edition with New Material)

Author(s): Daniel Rickett

STEM Press Number: MR37

Shipped From: This item will be shipped by STEM Press from Orlando FL within 3 business days.

Publisher: STEM Press

ISBN: 978-0-9711258-5-8

Description: The newly edited and updated 3rd Edition with new material — including the new chapter, “Finding a Partner” — is a 95-page paperback wrapped in a brand new cover.

Author Dr. Dan Rickett continues to offer excellent, indispensable tools for assessing intercultural partnerships, with tactical strategies to build collaborative relationships that actually work. His succinct, focused writing is orderly and clear; his 8 superb checklists plus tables/illustrations capture vital concepts that will help any church or mission agency increase their likelihood to establish healthy, mutually-beneficial partnerships for the long haul.

The book is an absolutely-must-have for every church and every agency that feels called to establish partnerships with another church or people group in another part of the world.

• “PARTNERSHIP and STRATEGIC are two of the most-used buzzwords in Christian mission today … Daniel takes the next step and makes them action words … for large denominations, small mission agencies, career missionaries, and short-term teams.” — Bruce Wall, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod World Mission
• “…great insight into effective partnerships with our brothers and sisters around the world — the questions to ask, the pitfalls to avoid, principles on sharing resources and avoiding unhealthy dependency. We will use these tools for years to come to educate our short-term and long-term missionaries.” — Ruth White, Cherry Hills Community Church
• ”I welcome the Third Edition of Building Strategic Relationships … the reader quickly realizes what he has in his hands in not merely a text that is relevant and of high quality, but a valuable tool for the proper implementation of the partnership.” — Dr. Omar Gava, Global Strategic Resources; and the Global Training Network of COMIBAM Intl.
• “Several years ago, our church set out to build global partnerships with our brothers and sisters around the world. Other than the Bible, no book has helped that process more than Building Strategic Relationships. I’ve given away more copies than I can remember, personally delivering it to potential partners in South Africa, Thailand, Kenya, and Ecuador. — Paul McGuinness, Parker Hill Community Church

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