Mission Maker Magazine

Mission Maker Magazine (2005 – 2009) began as a partnered effort between STEM Press and Authentic Media/Send the Light, launched in 2004 (with the 2005 edition), and then continued by STEM Press until STEM’s final 2009 edition (see “Mission Maker Review” below).Mission Maker

Mission Maker Magazine was a full-size, full-color, multi-page magazine whose editorial and advertising served North Americans related to Christian mission throughout the world, defined as: senders, goers, receivers, equippers, trainers, educators, suppliers, leaders, mission candidates, authors, curriculum writers, and others.

Mission Maker Magazine’s purpose was “to bring God renown, joy, praise, and honor before all nations on earth (Jeremiah 33:9).”

Mission Maker Magazine’s mission is to glorify God by helping to equip the global mission community for Great Commission teamwork.

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2013 and Beyond: “Mission Maker Review”

Full publishing and ownership rights to “Mission Maker Magazine” going forward were sold in July 2011 to a Christian nonprofit organization in The Netherlands. The new forthcoming magazine will be re-branded as “Mission Maker Review” and aimed at a global, rather than U.S.-only, market. STEM Press will still supply the popular GodSpace article and book catalogue within the new publication. Mission Maker will also expand in a new global format via the internet.

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