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—Gary Dolan, RiverTree Christian Church, Massillon OH

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—Jean Corbett, St. Michaels Church, Charleston SC

About STEM Press

STEM Press is the publishing and materials distribution division of STEM Int’l. STEM Press began somewhat “accidentally” in 1991, when STEM Founder/CEO Roger Peterson co-authored and published a solid, empirical 40-page research study on the post-field outcomes of 366 previous STEM short-term missionaries. This study (still in print) has sold several thousand copies. Is Short-Term Mission Really Worth the Time and Money? reported statistically significant changes in prayer, financial giving, commitment to world mission, mission-related activities and education, and in feelings about returning to the mission field.

Mission Statement of STEM Press

“STEM Press exists to extend God’s glory by publishing and distributing mission materials and resources that equip, support, and improve short-term mission efforts.”

People Served by STEM Press

STEM Press seeks to serve not just our own STEM-related constituency, but rather all North American Christians who have some level of interest in world missions — specifically short-term missions. We aim to provide the best-possible short-term mission material available (and when possible, at discount prices), in order to help God’s people do a better job in world missions.

From a North American short-term mission perspective, the potential people served by STEM Press are:

  • Short-Term Mission Sending Entities (short-term mission leaders and directors in the churches, agencies, schools, and other organizations that send short-term missionaries)
  • Short-Term Missionaries (the actual “goer-guests” sent out by their Sending Entities every year, who need user-friendly, entry-level material)
  • Short-Term Mission Team Trainers and Team Leaders (the leaders who train or accompany and lead their Sending Entity’s short-term mission teams, who need good curriculum and “how-to” manuals)
  • Short-Term Mission Field Facilitators (the national workers and ex-patriate missionaries living and working in overseas environments, who are hosting and receiving the short-term missionaries)
  • Christian Mission Educators (teachers and professors of mission, who need strong academic texts on short-term mission)

The Programs of STEM Press

In addition to writing, designing, and publishing our internal materials for use by our own STEM Mission Teams, STEM Press also provides:

  • Magazine PublicationMission Maker Magazine with a 135,000-150,000 circulation was published from 2005 to 2009.
  • Short-Term Mission Book Publication — we have several titles under a STEM Press ISBN registration, in addition to several STEM Press non-ISBN publications
  • Short-Term Mission On-Line Bookstore — STEM carries dozens of short-term mission resources from a variety of publishers such as YWAM, InterVarsity, Moody, OMLit/Authentic, E3 Resources, and others; most items are offered at discount prices and can be ordered securely right of this website whenever you’re ready (all orders ship in 1-3 business days!)
  • Review Copy for Classroom Instructors & Professors — click Review Copy to find out how to obtain “Maximum Impact Short-Term Mission” or “Building Strategic Relationships” or “These Words Changed Everything.”

Shopping Cart Notes

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