Pivotal “Back-Home” Follow-Up Journal

Don’t crash & burn! “Bringing It Home” by pastor Jim Mersereau is a vital 14-day devotional designed to lead short-termers to prayerfully think through their mission experience, gain insight into what God was teaching, and learn how those lessons should make a difference in the practice of faith back home. It’s a fabulous tool which should be required reading and journaling for every short-termer beginning day one back home from the field.

“Bringing It Home” functions intentionally as the post-field, back-home follow-up companion guide to Cindy Judge’s popular best-selling pre-field devotional journal, “Before You Pack Your Bags, Prepare Your Heart.” Both books can be purchased together in a package discount (saving you 25% off list price) from the STEMPress online bookstore at: (paste link into your browser, then scroll down to the very bottom of the page). Top Site Award!