Where You Can Designate Your Gift

You can always give a “general, where-needed-most” gift to STEM at any time. But if you’d like to designate your gift, you can do so in any one or more of the following areas:

How to Designated Your Gift

You can give to any of these designated categories at any time. Simply attach a personal note to your check (payable to “STEM), or make a similar notation in the appropriate box on STEM’s Donation/Payment website form if you’re electronically sending in your gift via credit/debit card. (Note also the other Easy Ways You Can Give to STEM).

STEM always honors donor-designated gifts. If we can’t honor your request, we’ll return the gift back to you. All gifts to STEM are always fully deductible to the donor under the extent of applicable law.

All gifts and contributions are solicited and received under the full authority and control of the STEM Board of Directors. Thank you for prayerfully considering STEM!

STEM Staff Support

Most of our STEM Staff people have been required to raise some or all of their personal financial living support. STEM maintains individual accounts for each person, allowing you to designate your gift to any one or more of our support-raising staff. All STEM staff support accounting procedures and policies comply with all government regulations pertaining to missionary staff support.

STEM Entrepreneurial Fund

The STEM Entrepreneurial Fund provides donors with an opportunity for large one-time gifts of cash or appreciated assets. Our Entrepreneurial Fund has two levels of giving:

Entrepreneurial Fund

Routine Gift Amount

Routine Gifting Method

Strategic Support

One-time gifts of $1,000 – $10,000

Cash, Appreciated Assets, Estate Bequests

Legacy Support

One-time gifts greater than $10,000

Cash, Appreciated Assets, Estate Bequests, Charitable Gift Annuities

For more information on using Estate Bequests or Charitable Gift Annuities to make your gift to the STEM Entrepreneurial Fund, please visit the “Planned Giving” section on the Easy Ways You Can Give to STEM page of this website. And please email us or call us with any questions you have as you consider making a gift to STEM’s Entrepreneurial Fund (call 763-560-1616); ask for Roger Peterson.

STEM Project Funds

Throughout the entire history of STEM, we have had numerous one-time or on-going projects that need funding. If you might be interested in supporting one or more of these current projects, please visit our Current Projects Needing Funding page.

STEM Sender’s Fund

This comprehensive Fund impacts every program and every nation and field where STEM attempts to make a positive impact for the Kingdom of God via short-term mission. Click here for more information. 

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