STEM Sender’s Fund

This is STEM’s most comprehensive Fund that impacts every program and every nation and field where STEM works to promote Christian short-term missions. From this Fund we draw monies needed to promote our service to the Church at large, and handle all the tasks involved in promoting Christian short-term missions done with excellence — in a way that glorifies God, blesses the field, and blesses the short-termer.

This important fund has allowed us to:

  • Open new ministry fields when disaster hit — like September 2005’s hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast states.
  • Consolidate our operations and down-size our administrative footprint during the 2008 worldwide economic crisis.
  • Jump quickly on a Summer 2011 opportunity to have Mission Maker Magazine “resurrected” into the potential for greater global-impact (rather than just U.S.-only impact). 

Giving to the STEM Sender’s Fund

One-Time Gifts

You can give a one-time gift right now! Simply mail a check (payable to “STEM”) or give through our secure STEM Donation/Payment website form using a major credit/debit card. And simply note the “STEM Sender’s Fund” as your gift designation — that's all there's to it!

1-Year Monthly Commitment

Please consider making a 1-year monthly commitment to the STEM Sender’s Fund. You can re-new or cancel your commitment at any time (although our prayer is that you’ll keep your commitment in force for as long as the Lord allows you!). To begin your 1-year commitment, just mail your first check (payable to “STEM”) or give your first gift through our secure STEM Donation/Payment website form using a major credit card. And simply note “STEM Sender’s Fund — 1-yr Commitment" with your gift.

Automatic Giving: To make your monthly commitment even easier for you, we can set up an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) from your checking/savings account — or charge your credit/debit card — for a specified dollar amount on or near a certain day every month (normally around the 20th). Please email us or call us at 763-560-1616 for help getting started; ask for Roger Peterson. 

STEM Sender’s Fund Support Levels

Support Level

Monthly Gift Amounts

One-Time or Annual Gift Equivalent

Primary Support
The first in a sequence; ranked as most important; essential or basic!

$5 – $25 / month

$60 – $300 / year

Vital Support
Extremely important and necessary; indispensable to survival and effectiveness!

$30 – $50 / month

$360 – $500 / year

Major Support
Of considerable significance!

$60 – $100 / month

$720 – $1,200 / year

Strategic Support
Necessary; involving a strategy; having the capability to destroy an enemy! [Satan]

$1,000 – $10,000 / one-time

Legacy Support
Lasting; an on-going “living” honor even after death!

$10,000 – $1,000,000 or more / one-time Top Site Award!