Easy Ways to Give to STEM

Feel free to choose the giving method that works best for you:

Giving by Cash or Check


Feel free to give actual cash, but only in-person at the STEM Minneapolis office or at a STEM Event. (We’ll give you a temporary receipt until our accounting system kicks out an official receipt for you.) We don’t recommend you send cash by mail.


Make your check payable to “STEM” and mail it to:

STEM Int’l, PO Box 29917, Minneapolis MN 55429.

Giving by Credit Card or Debit Card

To use your credit or debit card, we need your name as it appears on the card, the card type and card number, the card expiration date, and your mailing address. You can provide this information in the following ways:


This is the most secure way to give. Your credit/debit card information is encrypted and secure. To give online click here.


Either at the STEM Minneapolis office or at a STEM Event, you can use your credit/debit card to make a donation, or to purchase publications or products from STEM, just like you would anywhere else.


You can telephone in a donation or publications purchase during normal business hours, by providing your credit/debit card information over the phone to a STEM staff member. Call 763-560-1616.


Although it’s possible to email us your credit card information, the email transmissions are not secure nor are they encrypted; we don’t recommend you use this method.

NOTE: Use your credit wisely! STEM does not encourage high-rate credit card debt. We provide this service for our supporters who prefer to manage their finances by use of bank credit and debit cards which may award benefits to the cardholders.

Giving Automatic Monthly Donations to STEM

Authorize an automatic monthly gift: save time and postage by authorizing a monthly Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your checking or savings account. Or simply authorize a monthly charge to your credit or debit card. If you’d like to authorize an automatic monthly gift using a certain bank account or certain credit/debit card, please email or call us at 763-560-1616 to begin the process.

Giving Shares of Publicly-Traded Securities to STEM

Shares of (appreciated) stocks, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, and other publicly-traded securities can easily be donated directly to STEM as follows:

Postal Mailing or Hand-Delivering

If postal mailing or hand-delivering actual certificates to STEM:

  • All owners must endorse certificates as indicated
  • All owners must sign and date a personal donation instruction letter stating their desire to make this donation to STEM Int’l of x-amount of shares in x-company.
  • If postal mailing, please send your endorsed certificates and donation instruction letter via registered/certified/insured mail to: STEM Int’l, PO Box 29917, Minneapolis MN 55429.

Broker to Broker

For most people, this is the easiest and quickest way to donate publicly-traded securities. And for donors who wish to remain anonymous, a Broker to Broker transaction works well.

Whether anonymous or not, simply instruct your Broker to transmit x-amount of shares in x-company from your Brokerage Account to STEM’s Brokerage Account:

Fidelity Investments for STEM Int’l
STEM ID #36-336-7669
STEM Account #X63-201065
DTC #0226

Planned Giving (Charitable Gift Annuities, Estate Bequests, and Real Estate Gifts)

Charitable Gift Annuities, Real Estate Gifts, and Estate Bequests are three great methods of planned giving that can help sustain STEM in future years while also creating a lifetime income stream for you and your spouse.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Much like an annuity purchase from a life insurance company, you will enter into a contract with STEM to transfer cash or appreciated property to STEM, in exchange for guaranteed fixed payments for life. You’ll receive an immediate tax deduction for a portion of the gift, calculated according to actuarial tables (your age). Payments are determined based on rates recommended by the American Council on Gift Annuities and may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Click here to view or print out a 1-page copy of "STEM's Gift Annuity Disclosure Statement." And please don’t hesitate to email us or call us with your Charitable Gift Annuity questions at 763-560-1616; ask for Roger Peterson.


If you own real estate, you may want to consider the tax benefits of donating it to STEM. You can donate your property and still retain the use of it for the remainder of your or your spouse's lifetime through a Retained Life Estate. Or you may choose to donate it through a Charitable Remainder Trust, which provides tax benefits while also setting up an income stream for the remainder of your life. You might also consider an outright gift of real estate, or a gift by will or bequest. The Minnesota Real Estate Foundation is equipped to assist you with your donation of Real Estate to STEM so that you will receive the maximum benefits allowed by law. Please feel free to email us or call us if you have any specific questions at 763-560-1616; ask for Roger Peterson.

Estate Bequests

Another great way to plan a longer range gift for STEM is to designate STEM as a beneficiary in your Will, Life Insurance Policy, or IRA/Retirement Account. You can do this anonymously if you’d prefer. Or if you need to, please feel free to email us or call us if you have any specific questions at 763-560-1616; ask for Roger Peterson.

Your bequest instructions should specify “STEM Int’l, #36-3367669” (that’s STEM’s Federal Identification Number).

Giving in Memory of a Loved One

For any gift that you give to STEM, you may indicate on a separate piece of paper (on on the website giving form) that this gift is given in memory of a person you have the opportunity to name.

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